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From 17 to 19 of February, “Crazy Drummers” entered the program of four performances in German cities at the invitation of the directorate of the “Music Parade” tour. Unexpectedly the group received another name from the audience – “Hurricane”. We hope to justify this title in the future.

From 11 to 15 of February 2017, the artists of “Crazy Drummers” group took part in the “1er weekend carnaval de Nice 2017″. This is the largest carnaval in Europe. Crazy Drummers were invited to this world show, Carnival in Nice, for the second time. It is incredibly pleasant and honorable to participate in such an event.

In the middle of October 2016, the group “Crazy Drummers” won the first place in the grand festival “Baltic Drum Line”, Lithuania, Panevezys city, Cido Arena. The rivals on the show were groups from different countries, namely Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Lithuania. In addition to the first place, Crazy Drummers received recognition from the public.

The second International Women’s Business Forum and meeting of women’s organizations and clubs was held in May.The goal of the meeting was to create a women’s community “Women – for Peace”. More than once our drum team has performed on celebrations of this community We thank for your trust and appreciation of our work.

For several years, our loyal business partner is Alena Alexeenko, president of the foundation called ” Astra Stella “, which promotes the development of creativity of children and young adults. Alena Alexeenko ran for mayor of our wonderful, sunny city. Our team supported Alena and participated in some of the activities that she organized. The ninth of May was a festive dinner for war veterans in a comfortable hotel “Admiral”. The twenty-third of May, the final stage of the election campaign. Our solemn drumbeat didn’t leave anyone indifferent. We wish Alena Alexeenko huge successes in politics and culture.

Another meeting of bikers “MC ANGELS” of South Ukraine was held on May 1st. Our drum team has repeatedly attended such meetings. This meeting wasn’t an exception this year. We were given to understand that we are welcome guests at such events and it is incredibly nice. Our drum team shared the drive and energy of youth with the tireless and fearless “hosts of roads”. We hope this is not our last meeting!

For the first time over the last twenty-seven years there was no annual celebration of humor in Odessa. But the artists of the city, including us, decided to cheer up Odessites by their vibrant performances. At a certain time, Crazy Drummers were waiting for their audience near the Theater of Opera and Ballet. And we were not mistaken. Many people have supported us with thunderous applause. We managed to cheer up ourselves, residents and visitors of our city. Despite the fact that the holiday this year has turned out quite modest, without exception, people will remember it for a long time!